Estherville Lutheran Church communion line
Worship is central to the life of Estherville Lutheran Church. 100+ people gather each weekend to praise our God and to hear the Good News of God’s love for us. Most weeks Holy Communion is celebrated at both services and is open to all who wish to receive this gift of life.


Estherville Lutheran Church prayerOne of the best definitions of worship is “twittering time away with God.” As eternal children of God, claimed as God’s children in Holy Baptism, we believe we have more “than all the time in the world” and so we gather to sing praises to God, hear the scriptures read and the Good News of God’s love preached receive the gift of life in Holy Communion and respond with our tithes, offerings and prayers in thanksgiving for all God has done for us.

Estherville Lutheran Church Saturday contemporary service

5:30 Saturday evening worship

Every Saturday evening a group of people gather in the chapel for an informal worship service. The Worship Band leads the music and a less formal order of worship is followed than on Sunday. Feel free to come to this service dressed informally or if you work on Saturdays, come from work.


Estherville Lutheran Church Sunday service

9:30 Sunday morning worship

As with most congregations Sunday morning worship is the largest weekly worship service. We have a pipe organ which is used to lead the singing, persons from the congregation assist in worship as greeters, ushers, lectors and acolytes. Come join us in worship. All are welcome!

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Other options for worship

The 9:30 Sunday service is recorded each week and is made available on the following Sunday at 8:30 am on KILR radio and on the local cable channel 3.

News / Current Events

Monday, May 30

7:30 PM AA Meeting

Thursday, June 02

7:30 PM Al-Anon Meeting

Saturday, June 04

5:00 PM Saturday Evening Service

Sunday, June 05

9:30 AM Sunday Worship Service

Monday, June 06

7:30 PM AA Meeting

Wednesday, June 08

4-6:30 PM Board Meetings

Thursday, June 09

7:30 PM Al-Anon Meeting

Saturday, June 11

5:00 PM Saturday Evening Service

Sunday, June 12

9:30 AM Sunday Worship Service